A Waitress Ranked The Best And Worst Celebrities She’s Served – And Hailey Bieber Responded

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Julia Carolan’s experience as a hostess at some of New York City’s fanciest restaurants gave her the chance to rub elbows with the rich and famous. And she later took to TikTok to reveal what the stars were like in real life. Amazingly, one of the exposed celebrities, Hailey Bieber, even responded to the viral video.

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Since her time as a hostess, Carolan has moved onto a new career in modeling with company State Management. But she used to work at Nobu, a restaurant in downtown Manhattan, as well as at one of the TAO Group’s eateries. She held each position for 10 months, giving her plenty of time to gather any dirt on the celebrities she’d served.

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Then, on July 12, 2020, Carolan shared her experiences with the world. Yes, she took to TikTok, a social media platform with approximately 800 million users. As such, if her confessional went viral, a huge number of people – and celebrities – would see it. And that’s exactly what happened.

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You see, Carolan didn’t hold back in detailing her experiences with some big-name celebrities. Among the A-listers she highlighted were supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid; singers Beyoncé and Nick Jonas; YouTube star Cameron Dallas; make-up guru and billionaire Kylie Jenner; and, of course, model Hailey Bieber.

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Not only did Carolan share her interaction with each star, but she rated each one on a scale of one to ten. And while some famous faces did earn the top-tier rating, others fell to the bottom of the former hostess’s charts. In any case, she explained why they had earned such rankings in her minute-long videos.

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What Carolan may not have expected was the fact that her TikTok confessional video could go viral – and that some of the celebrities featured would see the reviews of themselves. She certainly couldn’t have predicted that Bieber would take time to comment on the clip in which she had unexpectedly starred.

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So on July 12, 2020, Julia Carolan posted the first in her two-part TikTok series, “Rating celebrities I met while working as a hostess in a fancy Manhattan restaurant.” In the caption of the initial installment, she warned potential viewers, “These are just my personal experiences, [please] take with a grain of salt.”

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Of course, not all of Carolan’s experiences were bad. Yes, she doled out high ratings – sometimes higher than ten out of ten – to some of the guests she served at eateries in downtown Manhattan. And her highest rating came in the second installment of the series, which hit TikTok on July 15.

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In fact, it was Beyoncé who earned a whopping 10,000,000 out of ten on Carolan’s rating scale. The Grammy-Award-winning singer shot to fame as the frontwoman for Destiny’s Child but has remained in the spotlight as a renowned solo artist. Behind the scenes, she and her husband, rapper Jay-Z, have three children.

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In spite of all of her success, Beyoncé has remained kind, according to Carolan’s interactions. She first referred to the singer as “the queen herself” before launching into her review. The former hostess began by admitting to viewers, “This is definitely the most starstruck I have ever been.”

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Carolan continued, “We didn’t speak too much, her and Jay-Z came in and I walked them to their table, but when she left she made sure to look at me and give me a big smile and say thank you.” That earned Beyoncé her more-than-perfect score, as well as a final compliment from the hostess who concluded, “She’s beautiful.”

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Another celeb to earn a perfect score was Josh Peck. Fans of Nickelodeon will recognize the actor from the shows that made him a star – The Amanda Show and then Drake and Josh, which ran from 2004 to 2007. Since then, he has worked on the sitcom Grandfathered with John Stamos and a YouTube series called Shua Vlogs alongside his wife, Paige O’Brien.

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Carolan rated Peck – and O’Brien by proxy – with a ten out of ten. The hostess explained in her second video, “[He] and his wife came in for a lunch reservation one day and he was so friendly. I honestly think he’s the nicest celebrity I’ve ever met. It fulfilled all of my childhood dreams.”

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The other perfect ranking came in Carolan’s first video and went to Gigi and Bella Hadid. The supermodel sisters are two of the biggest names in the fashion industry, strutting catwalks and sidewalks and setting major trends. And, as it turns out, all of their fame hasn’t gone to their heads – at least according to the one-time Nobu hostess.

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Yes, in her first TikTok video, Carolan gave the Hadid sisters a perfect ten-out-of-ten for their behavior. The hostess explained, “These two are literally so nice, I cannot say enough things about them. They’re super polite and friendly with staff, which, unfortunately, is rare for celebrities.”

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The last of Carolan’s favorable reviews was for singer and actor Nick Jonas. Although he has forged a successful solo career, he might be most well-known for his work with brothers Kevin and Joe in their band, the Jonas Brothers. And, in 2018, he married actress Priyanka Chopra after a whirlwind romance.

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After meeting Jonas, Carolan had nothing bad to say about him. Instead, she said, “He came in with his friends one time and he was really normal and chilled. Not too much to report on this but he definitely seems like a nice guy. I’m going to give him an eight out of ten.”

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But Jonas was the last of Carolan’s celebrity encounters to end positively. Indeed, the rest left her with a bad taste in her mouth, which she shared through the same TikTok series. And, little did she know, but one of the negatively reviewed celebrities would fire back after seeing herself slated.

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First on Carolan’s bad list was Cameron Dallas, whose career began with funny videos on the video platform Vine. Nowadays, he has a 21-million-strong following on Instagram and five million subscribers on YouTube. He’s also a singer and has earned himself a Columbia recording contract and a Broadway gig on the show Mean Girls.

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However, all of his credits didn’t make Dallas a good customer, according to Carolan. She recalled, “I had kind of a bad experience with him. [He] and his friend called after we were closed and insisted on a table and kind of pulled a ‘do you know who I am?’ moment. Four out of ten, he was rude.”

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Another A-list star who didn’t impress Carolan was Kendall Jenner, who first became famous when she appeared on her family’s reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But she has since become a well-known model, walking runways for Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Diane von Furstenberg and other big-name designers.

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In Carolan’s experience, though, Jenner wasn’t particularly nice. Instead, she admitted, “This is another one where I, unfortunately, did not have the best experience with them. She used to come in all the time and was pretty cold towards staff. She also usually has someone speak for her and doesn’t speak directly to staff.”

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Even so, Carolan tried to see it from Jenner’s perspective before slapping her with a less-than-perfect rating. She said, “I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she’s just shy. From my experiences of her, I’m going to give her a four out of ten.” That was still better than what the former hostess said about the supermodel’s sister.

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Now, Kendall’s sister, Kylie, has found huge success in life outside of the family’s reality show. For her part, the latter Jenner sister started a hugely successful make-up brand, Kylie Cosmetics. In the 18 months after launching, she raked in $420 million in sales – and, according to Forbes, she had a net worth of $900 million as of July 2020.

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But Kylie didn’t open her padded wallet as widely as Carolan expected. She gave the multi-millionaire a two out of ten rating – the lowest any celebrity would receive – and succinctly explained why. The former hostess said, “She was fine, but she tipped $20 on a $500 dinner bill. Do with that information what you will.”

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Finally, Carolan exposed Hailey Bieber – neé Baldwin – as a subpar customer. Those unfamiliar with Bieber might recognize her from a slew of modeling campaigns with designers including Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. And, of course, she gets her last name from her famous husband, Justin Bieber, who she married in 2018.

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Carolan’s review began, “Next up, we have Mrs. Bieber.” Then, she warned her viewers, “This is going to be controversial.” But the former hostess had built her review on more than just one encounter. She said, “I’ve met her a handful of times, and every time she was not nice.” How so?

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Well, Carolan explained that she “really want[ed] to like” the supermodel, but she simply didn’t. Instead, she awarded Bieber “3.5 stars out of ten,” adding, “Sorry.” And, with that, she concluded her celebrity reviews – but the story didn’t end there. Instead, TikTokers began to weigh in and share their own stories about the celebrities mentioned.

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For example, one viewer corroborated Carolan’s take on Gigi Hadid. They commented, “I saw Gigi once in Miami and my friend, like, waved to her awkwardly, and she said, ‘You can come say hi, crazy! Come here!’ It was so nice.” Another agreed, writing, “I can see Gigi and Bella being great customers, they give me peaceful vibes.”

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Fans weren’t surprised to hear positive reviews of Drake & Josh star Peck, either. One wrote, “Let’s be honest, we all knew Josh was gonna be a ten.” Another wrote in, seemingly having met the actor himself. He wrote, “Confirmed – Josh is actually one of the nicest dudes ever.”

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Many people said they would have reacted similarly to Carolan when meeting Beyoncé. One wrote, “I would literally die if Beyoncé walked into the same room.” And another corroborated the hostess’s claim that the A-lister was beautiful. They commented, “Let me tell you… Beyoncé is more beautiful than you could ever imagine. My jaw dropped.”

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Of course, there was plenty of commentary on the celebrities who received negative reviews from Carolan. Some fans stood up for their poorly reviewed favorites, especially Kendall Jenner. One wrote, “If I’m not mistaken Kendall said on the show she’s struggled with social anxiety her whole life. Maybe that’s why she has someone speak for her.”

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Another person with supposed insider knowledge concurred, writing, “Kendall is EXTREMELY shy. I worked for the family for two years. She’s very sweet.” Commenters weren’t as kind to her sister, though. Most called her out for being a near-billionaire and not tipping. As one person put it, “How do I tip more than Kylie and I’m poor?”

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But perhaps the most surprising comment on Carolan’s video came from Bieber herself. The viral TikTok video had somehow ended up on the supermodel’s screen, so she decided to weigh in on her less-than-stellar rating. However, rather than jumping to her own defense, the model simply apologized to her former hostess.

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Bieber wrote, “Just came across this video and wanted to say sorry if I’ve ever given you bad vibes or a bad attitude. That’s not ever my intention!” Then, in a second comment, she added, “Hate hearing that was your experience with me but glad [you] called me out so I can do better!”

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And Bieber concluded her message by writing, “Hopefully we meet again so I can apologize in person.” This move impressed Carolan and plenty of TikTokers, too. You see, the former hostess, for one, replied, “Hi Hailey! We love an accountability queen thanks [so much] for taking the time to apologize – I hope we can meet again one day and start over.”

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So as you can expect, the Carolan-Bieber exchange didn’t do much to quieten viewers in the comments. Yes, people continued to debate whether or not Baldwin just had a bad day, thus explaining why she wasn’t very friendly. But others pointed out that they had interacted multiple times, which meant that the supermodel might not have the sunniest demeanor.

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In the end, only Carolan and Bieber know what actually happened – and only they can meet up to smooth things over. However, there hasn’t been word of a reunion on either model’s social media. And, in the meantime, the former hostess has continued making TikToks –sharing even more celebrity stories with her followers.

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On July 29 for example, Carolan shared a video titled “Random NYC Stories Part 2.” In it, she told another tale involving a celebrity. This time, though, it was a sweet memory of singer and actress Zendaya – and how the TikToker once accidentally sat in her seat at the movie theater.

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As for Bieber, she has used her social media platforms to reach out to her fans in a new way. You see, in late July she revealed to her 28 million Instagram followers that she was hoping to transition to a plant-based diet – and was open to their tips. As she indicated on Carolan’s viral TikTok, she is, after all, open to feedback.