20 Awesome Gifts That Grammar Geeks Will Love

It’s sad but true: people just don’t know how to use grammar anymore. Yes, you can’t even walk down the street without seeing misplaced apostrophes, inappropriate quotation marks and any number of other capital (letter) crimes. And this in turn has led to the rise of the really hardcore grammar geek, the sort of person who wouldn’t give up the Oxford comma if you paid them. You may be one of those people, or you may know one of these people… Either way, these gifts of right up your street.

20. Let’s eat grandma

For those who want something a little different for their Christmas roast. No, wait! This t-shirt actually highlights the life-saving importance of commas. Yes, one forgotten piece of punctuation and suddenly you’re condoning cannibalism. This is a great gift for nerds who want everyone to know that in addition to loving grammar, they also love their grandmas.

19. Bad grammar makes me [sic]

[Sic] means “quoted exactly as it was written,” or “sic erat scriptum” in Latin. Of course, if you’re a true grammar nerd, you’ll know that already. So carry this [sic] bag (heh) with pride in your ability to make a good pun, even if you don’t actually speak Latin.

18. Comma sutra

Dispel one of the biggest myths about grammar geeks with this fine piece of china! Sure, this mug might not actually teach anyone any grammar, but it will teach the people around you that you do indeed know what the Karma Sutra is, thank you very much.

17. Grammar mugs


These mugs highlight common grammar mistakes in much the same way that a teacher would. Plus, there’s six of them, so you can use them to serve drinks to all your grammatically incorrect friends. If, that is, you still have that many friends once you’re done correcting their grammar.

16. A total catastrophe

There’s a pretty big overlap between grammar lovers and cat lovers, and luckily there’s plenty of stuff out there that combines those two passions. This comfy-looking sweatshirt, for example, is both a short grammar lesson and a chance to go “aaawww” at a kitty.

15. Grammar lover’s unite


Present this to the biggest grammar nerd you know, and watch their head explode as they try to figure out whether it’s a joke or not. Or keep it in order to remind yourself of the importance of a sense of humor.

14. The preposition poster

Here’s an old piece of writing advice that’s been thoroughly debunked over the years, but is still pretty funny. You can continue to insist that one should never begin a sentence with “and,” “but” or “or” if you like! Or (see?) you can just joke about it.

13. There, their and they’re


Let’s face it, English is a tricky language, and this mug highlights that fact rather well. You could get it as a gift for a grammar nerd, of course, but perhaps it would also make an underachieving English student laugh. Perhaps.

12. The inappropriate quotation marks tee

Even non-grammar nerds hate the weird use of randomly placed quotation marks on “things” like “signs” and “advertisements.” Wear this t-shirt to demonstrate to the world just how very “cross” you are that no-one knows what quotation marks are for anymore.

11. The ****ing rules of grammar


10. I before E?

Some rules of English are made to be broken. In fact, some of them don’t make any sense at all. “I before e” is correct of course… unless you leisurely deceive eight overweight heirs to forfeit their sovereign conceits. Grammar is weird.

9. Your My Favorite poster


Everyone knows someone who would wince at a poster like this, one that not only misuses grammar but spelling as well. What you should do is buy it for them, leave a marker pen within reach, and then time how long it takes for the inevitable to happen.

8. Don’t date apostrophes

Here’s a gift that’s a good reminder of a rule of grammar and delivers excellent relationship advice to boot. Take this mug to your place of work, fill it with a tasty beverage and sip from it often to ensure any potential admirers get the message.

7. The difference mug


Here’s a prezzie for any grammar nerd out there with low self-esteem! This attractive mug demonstrates to the whole world just how important your field of knowledge is. It’s probably not a good one for English teachers to bring into the classroom, though…

6. Its you’re birthday card

Sadly, nowadays bad grammar is rampant even on birthday cards. Buy this one for the grammar geek in your life just to clarify to them that yes, the mistake is deliberate, and yes, maybe it is time for a day off.

5. The grammarphone


This pedantic little grammar-phone is both cute and educational. The only trouble a grammar nerd might run into while carrying it is constantly being stopped by spelling nerds who missed the joke and want to explain that it’s actually spelt “gramophone.”

4. Transitive pictograph verbalizations

Do you heart both excellent grammar and transitive pictograph verbalizations, a.k.a. emoji? Then this is the mug for you. Take it to work with you and show everyone that emoji have a place in the world of grammar after all.

3. The Oxford comma cross-stitch pattern


Awww, what a cute little comma! But only grammar nerds will understand that he’s an Oxford comma, or a serial comma, and therefore a serial killer. Got all that? Once you have, you can enjoy the sewing while basking in your nerdiness.

2. End with a proposition

Do you remember being told at school that you should never end a sentence with a proposition? Well, these days the Oxford Dictionary says differently. Demonstrate your delight at the changing nature of language with this mug!

1. Only you can fix yourself


This pretty poster has a motivational message in it too. It’s great for teachers to stick on their walls as a reminder that there are things more important than grammar. Well… things slightly more important than grammar, at least.