40 Hacked-Off Employees Who Quit Their Jobs In Hilarious Ways

If you’ve never had that moment when you feel like telling your boss to shove it, then you’ve never felt the relief that comes with saying goodbye to bad business. For some, a job can be a prison sentence. And the moment an employee sees a way to escape, the results can lead to hilarious outbursts of destructive behavior, as you will see below. So to these unfortunate souls we say: strap in, burn your bridges and sign out with style.

After seeing this creative effort, we were inspired to write our own limerick:

There was a young lady named Brit,
Who decided one day she would quit,
It paid well by the hour,
But her sweet tooth turned sour,
Because her boss was an unbearable… person.

Simple, delicate, and efficient. Well done Todd. Incidentally, Todd now designs greetings cards full-time. They are not the best, if we are being honest, and weirdly, he signs them all “Todd.” His new line of Get Well Soon cards are wildly unpopular with anyone who isn’t named Todd.

This can’t be a good sign. This guy made a bad name for himself in the signwriting industry after this little stunt. Now he has resigned himself to the fact that he may never be re-signed for a job. Should have seen the signs.

When a well-loved co-worker quits it can sometimes feel like they have passed on. At least to Clive, the line chef at Five Guys it does. Clive loved you David Sell, and this is how you treat him? More like David Sell-out, am I right? You are no longer alive to Five Guys Clive.


Aww, this is a very sweet way of saying, “I will be breaking my contract and refusing to work the statutory two-week notice that is expected of me, so there!” All bad news should be hand-drawn and include a smiley shooting star.

Boss: “Oh my God, those cakes you baked were amazing!”
Employee: “Erm… really? You don’t, you know, have anything else to say about them?”
Boss: “Ha-ha, nope!”
Employee: “Nothing about the icing?”
Boss: “All I know is they were delicious. D-I-L… erm… P? I think there’s an S in there somewhere. Man, I should really learn to read someday.”


Steven has gone a little on the nose here, just like we are going to do now. Maybe he asked for a raise or a Huge Grant and was turned down. Or maybe he just thought the job was a load of old Bullocks.

This one is a little misleading as it doesn’t show the full story. Initially, this read, “I’m outraged at the lack of cleaning equipment in this establishment. How am I supposed to clean this griddle without any… wait. Wait, wait, wait. I found some.” Probably.


This almost reads like a conversation between Gollum and Smeagol:
Smeagol: “I’m quitting!”
Gollum: “You can’t quit, you need the money Precious!”
Smeagol: “My boss is worse than those hobbits!”
Gollum: “Yes, but he comes with an extender ring kit.”
Smeagol: “Yes, he comes with a… what?”

“If something is hard to do, then it’s not worth doing.” – Homer Simpson


Apparently, this worker shared the sentiment. Also, we bet you can’t read this without hearing the “Woo Hoo!” in Homer’s voice. Try it, it’s really hard. Actually, it’s probably not worth doing. Don’t bother.

Many jobs require a resignation letter before they will accept it as official. There are, however, no rules as to what said letter must contain. This minimalist approach is beautiful in its simplicity. We wonder what is on page two? Also, if the title is “Untitled”, is it titled or untitled? Mind. Blown.

We wonder where this guy came up with the idea to use toilet paper to sign his resignation. We also wonder what he was doing at the time. We mostly wonder if he washed his hands to the “Happy Birthday” song. Ha! Topical toilet humor.


The one remaining Dickey’s worker: “Sir, how are we going to cover the shifts this week now everyone quit?”
Boss: “Stick a HELP WANTED sign in the window.”
Employee: “Should we take down the scathing review of work conditions that’s been taped to the door first?”
Boss: “Whatever, I don’t really care.”
Employee: “Sooooo… would you say it’s quite a fair review?”

Here is a lesson to all the bosses out there: if your drunk employee attacks another worker but you don’t fire them because you can’t be bothered to cover their shift, you may just lose the sober one. That may be a little specific, actually. Maybe the lesson is just, be nice. Yeah, that will do. Be nice. Have a swell day!


“I quit smiley face?” What does, “I quit smiley face” mean, Mel? Does it mean you quit smiling? Because if it does, you should STOP SMILING MEL! Still, we bet this resignation was both satisfying and delicious.

Mic drops are supposed to be impactful in both their spontaneity and their dramatic effect. They really need to be seen in person. Taking the time to draw a mic drop is kind of weak, Elizabeth. And so are your drawing skills. BOOM! *drops mic*


Standard office practice when taking leave is to set an auto-response email detailing when you will return. This guy snuck in a subtle dig on his way out, the absolute madman. Unfortunately, he left his laptop behind, meaning he had to come back to get it. So not just a madman, but a liar to boot.

When this person quit, they left quite the calling card by flipping the whole aisle. Apparently, this isn’t even the first time they did this, and they are well-known as a *drumroll* cereal offender. Does it bug anyone else that the Cocoa Krispies survived the mass reversal?


Quite a bold move, this one. Turns out this was a typo and he was just really proud of the fact that he quilts. He didn’t want anyone to be concerned that his quilting would take up so much time that he would miss the Christmas party. Guess what this skilled quilter gave his colleagues for Christmas this year? That’s right, novelty mugs.

This guy was obviously a fan of Douglas Adams, as this references the dolphins in his fourth Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book as they leave Earth for good. Maybe he quit so dramatically that he literally left the planet too. Or maybe he is just grateful for fish. I know I am, and I probably don’t say it enough.


Sometimes you just have to speak the boss’ language. Apparently, this boss’ language was unreliable technology, terrible cake color-schemes and gluttony.

How do you quit your job, declare your love for ’80s pop and Rick-roll your boss all at the same time? Hand over this Astley-inspired receipt of resignation, that’s how.


The toilet is a good place to contemplate your life choices. But there’s a lesson for all of us here: don’t push too hard or you might lose something you weren’t expecting – like your hair, a lung or, in this case, your job.

If this employee knew the job would only involve changing signs all day perhaps he or she would never have signed up to this sign-changing job. That’s the feeling you get when you sign your life away, we guess.


Chris Holmes, an employee of the U.K. Border Agency at Stansted Airport, chose to quit in the most delicious way possible with this sweet offering. This new father seems to have his priorities straight – in our eyes at least. There are more important things in life than a 9-to-5 job; cake, for example.

You can really feel the relief that this Wendy’s employee must have felt when they finally got to say the company motto “Now that’s better” and mean it. Incidentally, isn’t “Greg” the epitome of a manager’s name?


Reddit user Shuma-Gorath claims his friend quit his job by handing his boss this framed picture. To be fair, working a soul-destroying 9 to 5 when you’re a rainbow riding space-cowboy isn’t just unfair to you, it’s unfair to the entire cosmos.

When game developer Jarrad Farbs left his job to focus on his own independent projects, he signed out in an incredibly creative way. He created a short version of Super Mario that steadily revealed his intentions and ended on a heart-warming message expressing his gratitude to the company.


Looks like Jamie won’t be getting any new connections on LinkedIn! When there’s a mass exodus of staff and he’s quoted as saying “cancer is not an excuse,” he’s probably someone who needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

This is one frequently overlooked reason for sending someone a consolation card. Of course, other reasons may include the following: seeing a friend drop the beer you just bought him; receding hairlines; seeing your friend drop his phone in the beer you just bought him; and vasectomies.


Of all the words you expect to associate with quitting, “delicious” and “shareable” don’t usually spring to mind. Maybe this person is giving two-weeks notice in advance of his or her birthday?

Either this is a very clever way of informing upper management that you are quitting or this company owns a computer that has developed sentience and can really sense the uncomfortable office vibe. We’re, like, 90 percent sure it’s the latter.


According to a Reddit user named techred, his buddy announced news of his retirement to his co-workers by presenting them with this emergency themed cake. We wonder if he stuck to company rules and lined up in the car park to wait for the fire service after he left.

Wow Melissa and Jay – seems a little high and mighty to rub it in the face of the co-workers who don’t have as rich and fulfilling a life as you do. Let them eat cake indeed…


We believe this works like a compliment sandwich. First, distract the boss with a sweet picture of a friendly dinosaur. Next, you throw in your notice and suddenly the raptor looks like he’s trying to back away from an awkward situation.

Sometimes you just have to be direct and get straight to the point, like this employee did. They were also seen wearing “this is where I clogged the toilet” and “this is where I should have asked for a reference before designing my own stickers.”


Our favorite thing about this comprehensive diss-list is the free-flowing, stream-of-consciousness nature of the writing. “I’ve learned that it’s time to switch markers”… brilliant. We’re guessing that reference won’t be glowing, though.

Wait a minute, we’re confused. This employee agrees that they could be considered inconsistent then consistently highlights how consistent they… oh. We see what you did. We bet it’s not the word “thank” under that star either.


This wonderfully succinct notice to customers highlights the terrible “borderline sweatshop” conditions that these employees faced before quitting. Let’s hope the employer learns a few lessons. Firstly, perhaps recognizing that even people who are grammatically incompetent deserve better treatment.

You might not miss changing the sign but you did miss an apostrophe. No wonder you got fired. You should never have started working at a Dairy Queen if you knew you were signpost-intolerant.