Here’s The Real Reason The Mafia Went After Steven Seagal

In the 1990s Steven Seagal was one of the top action stars in the business. If you don’t believe us, all you have to do is look at his box-office stats. Seriously: this is a guy whose movies have raked in a staggering $722,451,316 in global receipts. So it’s little wonder that his extensive knowledge of martial arts gained Seagal a reputation as a tough guy. Yet the star’s true toughness was put to the test in the early 2000s when he ran afoul of the mob. Yep, the real-life Mafia. And in one terrifying episode, Seagal said he was forced into a vehicle – before being whisked away to a rendezvous with gangsters. The story of what happened next is like the plot from one of Seagal’s movies.