20 Photos Of Regular People Dating Celebrities Before They Found Fame

Celebrities don’t just appear fully formed in Hollywood. They have pasts just like the rest of us – not to mention former relationships. As a result, some lucky members of the public can boast of having dated famous people long before they ever hit the big time. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, said folks haven’t been shy to admit, either, that they once dated men and women who would go on to be stars.

20. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher has made his pop-cultural mark through roles in everything from beloved sitcom That ’70s Show to biopic Jobs. And, as some know, he has a long list of past loves, too, with the star having once romanced the likes of Brittany Murphy, January Jones and ex-wife Demi Moore before marrying fellow actor Mila Kunis.

What’s more, it turns out that you can add one of Twitter user Molly Peterson’s relatives to that list of former flames. In 2018 Peterson wrote on the social media site, “If anybody knows me, they know that my greatest anecdote is that my aunt dated Ashton back when he was Chris. [Kutcher], you could have been my uncle.”

19. Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s achievements speak for themselves. She’s had more Grammy nominations than any other female artist, for example. She’s also shifted more than 100 million solo records as well as 60 million with Destiny’s Child. Oh, and she’s been wed to rapper Jay-Z since April 2008, with their alliance making them one of Hollywood’s most powerful couples.

But Bey and Jay weren’t always a thing. And on Beyoncé’s way to becoming a superstar, she was actually with another man, Lyndall Locke, in a relationship that reportedly began when she was 12. However, in 2015 Locke told the Daily Mail that he’s not surprised his ex is now so successful. “She was always going to ride that Beyoncé train to the very top. That’s who she is,” he explained.


18. Demi Lovato

Ever since her breakout role in the Disney Channel made-for-TV movie Camp Rock, Demi Lovato has been a force in the music industry – with half a dozen albums under her belt to prove it. Despite that prodigious output, though, Lovato has had time for a personal life. She dated her fellow Camp Rock star Joe Jonas for a few months, for instance. And following that, she embarked on a relationship with actor Wilmer Valderrama that ultimately lasted until 2016.

As a middle-schooler, however, Lovato dated Cameron Mitchell, a fellow singer who went on to compete on the Oxygen reality series The Glee Project. And Mitchell confirmed this teen romance via Twitter. “[Lovato] WAS my ex! I was her first boyfriend ever. She was in seventh grade, and I was a little bit older,” he wrote in 2011.


17. Jimmy Fallon

Funnyman Jimmy Fallon got his start on Saturday Night Live before landing a late-night hosting gig on The Tonight Show. He’s somewhat of a family man now, too, as he shares two daughters – not to mention a golden retriever – with wife Nancy Juvonen.

Before Fallon made it big as a comedian and talk-show host, though, he dated maddyahouse1’s aunt. And the Twitter user proved it in 2015 by sharing a photo of the young pair on the social media site. Fallon “went to [her] uncle’s wedding,” she explained, and was “close with [her] mom’s family” at the time, too.


16. Matthew McConaughey

After making waves in Dazed and Confused, Matthew McConaughey took up a slew of rom-com roles. The actor has since shifted to drama, however, and to some acclaim; his turn in 2013’s Dallas Buyers Club even won him an Oscar.

And while McConaughey once dated Sandra Bullock and Penélope Cruz, he chose to settle down with model Camila Alves, with whom he shares children Livingston, Levi and Vida. Once upon a time, though, the Oscar winner was a student at The University of Texas at Austin, where he apparently had a romance with Twitter user peytonntheisen’s cousin.


15. Josh Duhamel

Although Josh Duhamel is now known as one of the stars of the Transformers franchise, he actually started his career in the rather less action-packed All My Children. And during a stint in the NBC dramedy Las Vegas, he met his future wife, Black Eyed Peas vocalist Fergie. The pair then enjoyed an eight-year marriage before splitting in 2017.

But, of course, Duhamel had been linked to other women before he and Fergie tied the knot. And way back in the day, he appeared to be friendly with Twitter user uhmhemmo’s best friend’s mom; the two seem to have attended a high-school dance together, anyway.


14. Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton can thank The Voice not only for bringing him to a wider audience, but also for finding him a new romance. You see, Shelton met fellow judge and singer Gwen Stefani on set, with the pair having been an item since 2015. The country music superstar had previously been married for four years to Miranda Lambert.

Apparently, though, Twitter user Hayzee3211’s mom knew Shelton way before Lambert was even in the picture. “My mom had a thing with [Shelton] a long time ago, while my aunt dated his bass player. And she found a picture,” she wrote alongside the vintage snapshot.


13. Sofía Vergara

Believe it or not, but Sofía Vergara was only 17 when she hit the small screen by way of a Pepsi commercial. It would take another 20 years, however, for her to hit the big time in Modern Family. And after achieving household name status, Vergara ultimately became one half of a power couple when she tied the knot with True Blood star Joe Manganiello.

Long before Vergara married Manganiello, though, the actor said “I do” to her childhood sweetheart, Joe Gonzalez. Yet while the union was brief – it lasted just two years – it did give Vergara a son, Manolo, whom she has credited as having inspired her career. “What made me wake up every day was that I had the motivation… To give my son all the things that I thought he needed,” she told website Coveteur in 2017.


12. Usher

During a certain period in the 2000s, it was practically impossible not to hear Usher’s music. Naturally, then, the R&B star is no stranger to success, and he’s shifted a stunning 75 million records across the planet to date. Usher hasn’t been quite as lucky in love, however, with two marriages under his belt that both ended in divorce.

But perhaps one of the women who got away was Twitter user camrynmariaa’s sister, who had dated Usher in high school. And after camrynmariaa shared a photo of the pair, others theorized that her sister had inspired Usher’s hit song, “My Boo,” which talks about the joys of his first love.


11. Ariana Grande

After the release of 2018 track “thank u, next,” Ariana Grande cemented her place in the pop pantheon. And, as fans know, that song draws its inspiration from the star’s string of break-ups, with her exes Mac Miller, Ricky Alvarez, Big Sean and Pete Davidson all receiving mentions in the lyrics.

However, long before Grande was writing record-breaking break-up songs, she was a teenager in love. Josh Venkataraman explained to BuzzFeed that he had “dated” the future superstar in high school; the two also appeared together in a production of Cinderella, apparently.


10. Matt LeBlanc

Most people know Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani, the goofy Lothario from Friends. He’s had work since, of course – most notably in Showtime’s Episodes, for which he earned a Golden Globe Award. And nowadays LeBlanc is the host of BBC car show Top Gear, through which he met his current girlfriend, producer Aurora Mulligan.

Long before the actor first met Mulligan, though, he had been in a relationship with Twitter user wtm_rachel’s mother. “So, my mom dated Matt LeBlanc, and she finally found [a] picture of them [together],” she shared, along with the old-school snapshot.


9. Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler famously portrayed a character that TV Guide has named as one of the greatest ever to appear on the small screen: Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli in Happy Days. Winkler nabbed a pair of Golden Globes for playing The Fonz, too, to which he can now add yet another award. That’s right: in 2018 the veteran actor earned a Primetime Emmy for his supporting role in HBO’s Barry.

Yet while Winkler has been married for most of his time in the limelight, he’s apparently had at least one past love. In 2016 redditor UberStone revealed that his late wife had dated the star “in the late ’70s” – presumably before Winkler and his wife, Stacey, had tied the knot.


8. Harry Styles

Harry Styles was discovered on reality talent competition The X Factor, after which he rose to fame with boyband One Direction. Since the band’s unofficial split, though, he’s made a name for himself as a bona fide solo artist. And Styles has made plenty of headlines in his personal life, too, thanks to his dalliances with Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner.

When the pop star was just 12 years old, however, he apparently dated Abigail Crawshaw. Yet while the pair’s young love ultimately didn’t last, they did stay in touch. In 2015, for example, Crawshaw joined Styles backstage at a One Direction show in England.


14. Tupac Shakur

More than two decades on from his untimely passing, Tupac Shakur is still considered one of the best hip-hop artists ever, with his 1996 release, All Eyez on Me, also among America’s biggest-selling albums of all time. But Shakur had yet another string to his bow. You see, the star was an accomplished actor, too, who earned acclaim for roles in the likes of movie dramas Poetic Justice and Juice.

When Shakur was not at the studio or on a film set, however, he may have been with his fianceé, Kidada Jones, or former wife Keisha Morris-Shakur. He may also have been with Twitter user khiahhhhh_’s aunt, who apparently once dated the rapper – and there’s a photo that seems to prove that romance, too.


6. Blake Lively

Blake Lively may have shot to fame as Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, but her career has since taken her onto the big screen. Yes, the actress can now boast of having appeared in everything from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants to Green Lantern. And she actually met her future husband, Ryan Reynolds, while making the superhero movie; the pair then wed in 2012.

Yet while Lively was growing up, she had a long-term crush on friend and fellow actor Kelly Blatz. She got her chance, too, when the pair were cast in movie Simon Says, after which they finally started dating. Three years later, though, Lively and Blatz called time on their romance.


5. Jennifer Lopez

Whether Jennifer Lopez is singing, acting or dancing, she shines. And, of course, she’s been incredibly successful at her endeavors, too. Lopez’s movies have raked in an astounding $2.9 billion worldwide, for instance – and that’s not even to mention the 80 million records she’s shifted during her career. In 2012 Forbes magazine even made the star top of its celebrity power list.

Then there’s Lopez’s busy love life. As well as her three marriages, she has also dated Sean Combs, Ben Affleck and her current flame, former baseball star Alex Rodriguez. For a decade pre-superstardom, though, Lopez was with her high school sweetheart, David Cruz.


4. Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler got his start on Saturday Night Live before making a very successful leap to the big screen. To date, in fact, his hit movies – which include The Wedding Singer, Billy Madison and Mr. Deeds – have raked in more than $2 billion worldwide. And sometimes the actor’s wife, Jacqueline, and their daughters, Sadie and Sunny, show up in his flicks, too.

Just a few years before Sandler joined SNL, however, he was a student at Manchester Central High School in New Hampshire. And, during that time, he apparently dated Twitter user BPearsonn’s mom; the pair even went to prom together.


3. Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner’s performances as Jacob Black in the infinitely popular Twilight movie series made him one to watch. His time in the franchise earned him many admirers, too – some of whom may have been envious of the star’s ex-girlfriends Taylor Swift and Lily Collins. More recently, though, he’s turned up in BBC sitcom Cuckoo.

And Sara Hicks knew Lautner before he hit it big. The pair both went to California’s Valencia High School, you see, and dated while they were students there. But once Lautner became Twilight-level famous, the spark didn’t die entirely. Instead, Lautner and Hicks dated sporadically after that when the actor was in between other relationships.


2. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is known for often weaving details about her private life into her lyrics. As such, then, the multi-Grammy-winning artist’s dating history often receives just as much media coverage as her laundry list of accomplishments. Her past loves have included DJ Calvin Harris, Harry Styles and actor Tom Hiddleston, while at present she’s dating actor Joe Alwyn.

Then in 2018 a guy named Sam Anderson identified himself as Swift’s high school boyfriend. And while he may have been aiming for bragging rights, the claim backfired somewhat. You see, the star’s fans theorized that Anderson was the boy who inspired the song “Should’ve Said No” – about an ex who ultimately cheated on Swift.


1. Justin Bieber

At just 15 years old, Justin Bieber released his first EP, My World. And from there, a pop sensation was born. The Grammy winner has attracted some famous women in his time, too – most notably fellow teen star Selena Gomez, whom he dated on and off for several years. Yet it seems that Bieber has eventually chosen to settle down, as he wed model Hailey Baldwin in 2018.

Still, back when Bieber was young, he had a completely different love interest: Caitlin Beadles. And while the pair’s relationship obviously didn’t work out, they have nevertheless remained close; Beadles’ brother is even one of Bieber’s friends.